Review: Make Muse Feminist Magazine

What is Make Muse?

Make Muse is a feminist mag written by and for young women. It touches on social issues, beauty, politics, activism and more. The magazine is just budding⁠–the issue I’ve got my hands on is the second to ever be released. Essays, interviews, poetry and more can be read in Make Muse.

My Impression

What I liked most about Make Muse is a result of the fact that it is cultivated by its target audience. The articles are about topics young women actually care about, rather than what we are stereotypically taught we are supposed to care about. There is no BS about how to impress men or lose weight. Instead, there are articles about the empowerment of changing one’s hair, period activism, and “Self Care Ideas for When the Face Masks Stop Working.” The magazine contains articles that will make young women feel seen. It has articles that will teach you. Page 96 offers, “Why You Should Care About Feminist Social Capital.” The magazine is like the women it is written for and written by: it is smart.

One could argue that the magazine’s main fault is being a bit too cutting edge, at the expense of appearing appearing bandwagon-esque. I’d say that’s mostly a surface level critique. It has a lot more depth and unique ideas to offer than one might assume. I wouldn’t write it off.

The physical copy is sturdy. It reminds me more of a coffee table book than a traditional magazine. This is pretty common for smaller indie mags, though. Since they put out fewer issues, each issue is made with care and made to last. This one reminds me a bit of a younger woman’s Darling magazine.

Who Should Read Make Muse?

I’d recommend Make Muse for high school and college age women (or other gender identities who are interested in feminism). In fact, I think it would be a great gift for younger girls as a swap for the Cosmo they might be reaching for. (Do girls still read Cosmo? You get the idea.) So, I’d recommend it for you if you’re interested in activism, culture, and women’s issues from a young woman’s perspective. I’d also recommend it as a gift for any young woman, especially early high school age, in your life who would benefit from exposure to the thoughtful ideas this magazine sparks. 

Buy the print copy of the magazine here, or a discounted digital version of the first issue here. Head over to my instagram, because I’m giving away one copy for free!

There are also some online articles you can read, including an interesting column on “femintamacy” on their main website if you don’t have the money for an issue right now.

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